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This beautiful wood medallion depicting a solitary lighthouse on a peaceful shore reminds us that no matter what we've weathered, we can strive to be humble, strong, reliable, and trustworthy, as well as a guiding light for others. 
 Celebrate your special sobriety milestone with our custom-made, engraved wood medallions! 
These aren't your ordinary tokens. Our products are made with love, thoughtfulness, and understanding, and designed by the owner, who is in recovery herself and taking it one day at a time. 
Any of our designs can by personalized even more by adding your unique sobriety date. You may also choose the backside design of The Serenity Prayer, "One Day at a Time", Traditional, "Walking in the Sunlight of the Spirit", or "Just for Today", and with either an AA, NA, or no emblem.
For more designs, check out our website at
Made of unfinished real wood slices, these chips are delicate, yet carry a strong message about the importance of recovery and sobriety. Natural, rustic, artistic, and truly one-of-a-kind, our medallions are known to spark tears of joy upon unveiling to the celebrant. They are made to be shown off and displayed with pride. 
** Each and every one of our wood medallions are of a unique size, shape, thickness, grain, and with their own knots and markings - just like your sobriety story!
***They are prone to natural cracking of the wood over time, causing it to looked seasoned and aged.
* Sizes vary from 2.5'-4" wide. 
* NA & AA Symbols available
Please advise that all of our wood products are from real, untreated wood, which means it can come in different shapes and sizes, like oval or round, with different types of bark, grain and knots. 
Our products are untreated and should be carefully handled and displayed. When storing, please keep in a cool, dry container. Changes in humidity and temperature may eventually lead to cracking of the wood. We think it still looks rustic like that! But if you disagree, you may want to finish it with a coat of polyurethane.
We are not responsible for breakage of products after they've been delivered in great condition. If you are dissatisfied with the condition of your gift when received, please let us know right away so we can send a new one or give a refund.
Please let us know if there is any dissatisfaction with our products before leaving a negative review! We are a tiny, family-owned business and learning as we go. We care deeply about the happiness you get from our gifts - it's why we started in the first place! :)  
For bulk, wholesale, or multiple orders for sponsors, please message us!

Lighthouse of Humility Sobriety Milestone


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